Unique and Effective Learning Experience

Are you a parent stressed out about your teen failing or being scared of math or science? Are you a student struggling with math and science or worrying about not getting into college or university program of you dreams? Private tutoring offers a personal approach, which engages and helps the student achieve the best results possible.

Get Inspired Tutoring offers an engaging learning process, which is as unique as we all are, and which would fit your needs, goals and interests. Our goal is not only to improve grades but also to inspire students and help them fall in love with math and science. We offer:

  • Private one-on-one chemistry, physics and math tutoring sessions mainly high school, college & university level
  • Small group private tutoring sessions
  • Hobby Science Club by ages
  • Workshops/Summer Camps.
  • We have a liability insurance and a clear criminal record for work with young children.

Find out more about our services: Private Tutoring, Hobby Science Club and Workshops.

One comment on “Unique and Effective Learning Experience

    I have a grade 3 son John here in Thornbury and would be very keen on organzing a group after school tutoring club once a week. Maybe they could use a room at the school- BVCS.
    Have you ever done anything like that?
    A combo of math and science and do it on a regular basis throughout the entire year. I don;t know if you also do any english&french tutoring too?
    My number is 705.888.7070.

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"After these three sessions I feel much more confident going into my exam this Tuesday, thanks!"
Hazel, Meaford

"Now after you have explained everything Chemistry seems easy, my teacher says that I am one of the best students in class right now."
Kelly, Port Elgin